WordPress Security and Performance

WordPress Security and Performance Bundle

All the tools you need for a secure and fast WordPress website. After working in WordPress for 15 years, we've found these to be the best of breed.
* Daily backups (90 day history), malware scans, staging sites, and optionally automatic update WordPress, plugins, and theme by Blogvault
* Firewall and automatic virtual patches to security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by PatchStack
* Transactional emails for better delivery (up to 10k/mo) by Postmark
* Automatic image optimization and sizing (up to 35GB/mo) by ShortPixel
* Form and registration spam protection by Cleantalk
* Speed optimization by FlyingPress
* Website uptime monitoring by NodePing
Save over 35% with this bundle
Includes free installation of these tools ($480 value).

  • $62.39/month Retail price of these tools
  • //www.sentree.io/contact/">Contact us for a quote for these services * Does not include customized performance optimization or cleanup of existing malware. $40.00 USD
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